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Friday – July 26, 2024 

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Butler University 

Robertson Hall – Johnson Board Room 

4600 Sunset Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN  46208-3485 

Conference Host:  Dr. Krista Cline, 

Conference Coordinator: Dr. Eileen Taylor, 

The conference has space for 50 MOMs at no-cost who will enjoy a sense of belonging and value of their perspectives.  Light breakfast, heavy lunch, and a very nice appreciation gift will be provided to each MOM who participates in the conference at no-cost.  However, please note that MOMs are expected to provide their own transportation and lodging costs to the conference. 

Register to attend this FREE conference today!  The MOMs Perspective Leadership Conference is national in scope welcoming participants from anywhere in the United States.  The conference provides an opportunity to build relationships with other mothers.  Individuals who identify with the role of mother (MOM) are welcome and encouraged to participate.  MOMs can inspire their children to participate in high school interscholastic activities each year.  This conference will share the benefits of interscholastic activities for MOMs to communicate with their children. 

MOMs will experience a conference schedule that shares the NFHS Project national research survey results in a fun and interactive manner!  This is also an opportunity for MOMs to provide their perspective about the research survey results while building community and a sense of belonging with other participants.  The following is the schedule for the day with session topics.  

Increase knowledge of national research study outcomes to a broader population of mothers. 

Build a community of mothers through a sense of belonging while sharing their perspectives of the benefits of children participating in high school interscholastic activities. 

Strengthen leadership communication in the high school interscholastic social world. 

Butler University/NFHS Partnership Goal: Assist NFHS in building relationships with moms who support their high school student-athletes’ participation in interscholastic activities.  This may occur by establishing direct communication channels within households through moms.  The intent is expedited, timely, consistent, and accurate messaging of information as delivered by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). 

The overall goal is to provide an in-person experience and space where MOMs can share their perspectives about the benefits of their children participating in interscholastic activities with other MOMs.  MOMs will be valued and honored for their leadership and hard work contributing to the ability for their children to participate in high school interscholastic activities. 

The objectives of the MOMs Perspective Leadership Conference will be accomplished by connecting the current experiences of each MOM to the NFHS/Butler national research study outcomes as of December 31, 2022.  The purpose is for MOMs to discover research outcome information they may relate to through a sense of belonging to a broader community.  MOMs who learn about the research outcomes may also strengthen their own communication between their children, other mothers, and high school representatives.  To also help with strengthening communication, MOMs will explore the NFHS Learning Center to discover resources that lead to a NFHS Parent Credential. Whether learning about national research outcomes to discover a broader MOMs community who may have similar perspectives of their children participating in high school interscholastic activities or strengthening communication effectiveness through NFHS learning opportunities, mothers will receive an experience of added value to their role in their children participating in interscholastic high school activities. 

There are 77 million mothers in the United States who identify as women ages 15-50 in the United States (Census Bureau/American Community Surveys, 2019; MSNBC).  The NHFS services over 12 million high school students who participate in sports and non-sports.  These are compelling reasons to seek MOMs (mothers) perspectives about their students participating in high school activities outside the classroom toward accomplishing one of the goals for the National Federation of High School State Associations (NFHS) and Butler University partnership.